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In continuous pursuit of quality, we believe that excellence is the only meaning of differentiation in the market, creating added value for our products and services.

Our goal is to "do it right at the first time" and "do it all the time". We are, therefore, committed to the continuous improvement of our methods and processes, as well as our Quality Management System, engaging our suppliers and employees also.

We are committed to fully satisfying our customers' needs, as well as compliance with all legal requirements.

We work continuously towards being a flexible, dynamic and competent structure capable of detecting and responding to the current and future needs of our customers.

We set goals that we continuously assess and our organisation is permanently committed to evolution.

Respect for the environment is more than a legal obligation for us. It is a matter of mission, vocation and creation of value for both our company and our partners.
 Respect for the environment is much more than just a legal obligation for us. It is a permanent pillar of our business activity and a determining factor in our research and the solutions presented on the market, which are increasingly becoming a determining factor for the competitiveness of our partners. We are aligned with the most international standards both in their internal application and in support for their use in our target market, in particular REACH, OEKO-TEX, GOTS, MIGROS, BLUE SIGN and RTM.
We also invest in the study and development of products and technical solutions that enable energy and water savings in industrial processes.
Innovation is a management tool of vital strategic importance for any company, taking into account the global market of which we are all a part. 
Innovation has been a constant concern at Dytrust, through the Projects and Development Department and the cooperation of our upstream partners (suppliers/representatives). This has especially been the case with processes that set us apart from our competitors and that may generate competitive advantages in our downstream partners, steering and tailoring these actions with the focus on the needs of our customers.
Thus, we implement the following processes/products, among others, that enable savings in terms of energy machine time and the improvement of the final product, both in quality, appearance and effect:
- EBS PLUS process - an innovative process for the preparation of cellulose substrates which, thanks to the synergies of it’s components, enables a higher grade of white to be obtained and the effective removal of impurities, waxes and oils, thus providing a base with a high degree of hydrophilicity that prevents subsequent dyeing problems, which primarily occur because of poor preparation of the substrate.
- DyeWash - It is well-known that the Garment Dyeing sector is based on constant innovation and creativity in patterns and processes. It is fashion in its purest and most creative form, and it demands processes and products that meet this reality.
This is why our partner Setas Kimya has introduced an innovative range of reactive dyes developed by its Color Center and Technology Center departments. These dyes allow the direct dyes commonly used in this sector to be replaced, bringing the following benefits:
>Dischargeability: can be bleached with Potassium Permanganate (PP) across the whole range of colours, even in certain blues and turquoises that cannot be bleached using direct or conventional reactive dyes;
>Pre-cationisation is not required;
>Excellent fastness to washing properties that are impossible to obtain with direct dyes.
- Intrafix EWS - A range of new generation multifunctional reactive dyes especially indicated for strong/dark colours which, due to the smaller amount of dye used, allows for a substantial reduction in colouring costs as well as a reduction in final washes due to a less hydrolysed dye in the dyebath.