05 Jan 2024
We have been appointed exclusive distributors in Portugal.
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05 Jan 2024
We have been appointed exclusive distributors in Portugal.
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05 Jan 2024
ELIAR Elektronic
We have been appointed exclusive distributors in Portugal.
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29 NOV 2023
Dytrust has status of PME Excellence 2022

Dytrust has status of PME Excellence 2022

Dytrust was distinguished, once again, with the status of PME Excelência, which rewards Portuguese companies with the best economic and financial performance, according to the established ratios.

We also would like to associate this distinction with our partners, internal and external, as well as our employees.

We will keep working creating trusting partnerships.

06 OUT 2021
Dytrust with ZDHC Level 3 Certification

                                  Dytrust with ZDHC Level 3 Certification

Dytrust, following a continuous concern for the search and supply of products, solutions and equipments which reduce the environmental footprint, has obtained the certification of 74 products and dyes in the
ZDHC level 3 platform, thus meeting the latest requirements of the textile market.

We will continue to pay attention to the needs of our customers and will always anticipate solutions to the most pressing questions on this matter so that we can provide immediate answers.

11 MAR 2020
Dytrust has status of PME Excellence

The status of PME Excellence awards a restrict number of companies that highlight the best management ratios, contributing, in this way, to a better competitive capacity of Portugal.
This award, that is, naturally, extensive for our partners and collaborators, represents also a greater responsibility to keep the high demand criteria that have been guiding our activity and to continue to be considered trusted partners by the markets, which we attend. 

19 MAR 2018
Introduction of OCTA®MINE pigments in the Portuguese market

ICI, world leader in the production of pigments and pigment dispersions, choose DUTRUST to be its partner and distributor exclusive in Portugal to it’s products for textile applications. During the visit of its Managing Director Mr Deven Shah, technical and commercial details have been finalized for the introduction of the OCTA®MINE range in the Portuguese textile market, to start soon.
The great research and development capacity, together with the modern production capacities of the ICI plants, guarantee a positive differentiation for the existing products, being therefore a concrete objective of the two companies being soon leaders of this market in Portugal
OCTA®MINE pigments are distinguished by the following characteristics:
  High concentration.
  Colour brilliancy.
  Strong build-up.
  Optimization of formulation.
  Constant low viscosity.
  Excellent dispersion stability.
  Optimum particle size distribution.
  Suitability for use on different fibres.
  Stable mixture shade could be made.

06 NOV 2017

The Dyewash range, from our partner, Setas Kimya, has been studied and produced to meet the demands of the market and the new requirements, namely fastness to washing, impossible to achieve with traditional methods with direct dyes and some traditional reactives.
With the Dyewash range it is not only possible to get gummed with sodium permanganate in shades that were previously non-oily (turquoise and other colors dyed with phthalocyanine-based dyes), as they provide shorter and cleaner processes as they do not need to be pre- cationized.