19 Mar 2018
Introduction of OCTA®MINE pigments in the Portuguese market
ICI, world leader in the production of pigments and pigment dispersions, choose DUTRUST to be its partner and distributor exclusive in Portugal to it’s products for textile applications.
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06 Nov 2017
A new fade-out solution for garment dyeing.
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09 Out 2017
SME Leader 2017
DYTRUST was once again awarded the SME Leader 2017 award by IAPMEI and the Ministry of Economy for the quality of its performance and its risk profile.
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28 ABR 2017
Letter of approval 853437-03.2017 - CONTROL UNION

We are pleased to announce that the 2nd Letter of Approval for Dytrust products that meet the requirements of GOTS, version 5.0, was issued today.
This list now includes Rubi INTRAFIX EWS and Dycell 356
Other products are currently in the assessment and approval phases, thus following up on the policy of adapting Dytrust to the main standards demanded of the textile industry.

27 JUL 2015
Certification of Dytrust Quality Management System

This certification was granted according to the NP EN 9001:2008 standard for the design, development, production and marketing of auxiliarie chemical products as well as for the marketing of dyes and pigments.
This certification was granted to us by SGS, the world leader in the certification of management systems, products and services. We are certain that, in this way, we will strengthen our commitment to quality, focusing on continuous improvement of the processes and the quality management system which, guided by our constant focus on fully meeting the needs of our customers, will certainly enhance the general improvement of our performance, with a positive influence on the services provided and support for the markets and their most pressing needs.
Thus, with the commitment and dedication of all our employees, and dynamic partnerships with customers and suppliers, we will certainly be more capable, ensuring that Dytrust is increasingly looked on as a reliable partner.